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Taskiq python

Async Distributed Task Manager

Get StartedIntroduction

Production ready

Taskiq has proven that it can run in heavy production systems with high load.

Fully asynchronous

Taskiq can run both sync and async functions. You don't have to worry about it.

Easily extensible

Taskiq has a lot of replaceable components. It's super easy to implement your own broker or middleware.

Strongly typed

Taskiq provides correct autocompletion for most of its functionality.

What is taskiq in a nutshell

Consider taskiq as an asyncio celery implementation. It uses almost the same patterns, but it's more modern and flexible.

It's not a drop-in replacement for any other task manager. It has a different ecosystem of libraries and a different set of features. Also, it doesn't work for synchronous projects. You won't be able to send tasks synchronously.


You can install taskiq with pip or your favorite dependency manager:

pip install taskiq